Qin Vian

Misunderstood Rock Punk who is secretly a Elf


Short, shaggy near white hair with pink highlights. Pale skin. Vibrant blue eyes, usually wearing dark green eye shadow. Has 3 piercings on her right ear, and 2 on her left and a lip piercing


Both her parents were elfs and were hunted and killed by humans when she was only 14. She has a major grudge against humans. Her aunt took her in. Her aunt was a smoker and alcoholic and usually got drunk and fell asleep, leaving Qin to fend for herself. She learned at a early age how to cook and how to drive. She got into the “bad crowd” and went to many raves and parties that she was to young for but no one seemed to care. When she was 18, her aunt died and left her the house and car, and luckily her aunts husband, who had died a few years before Qin was born, had payed the house off so that her aunt could live there without having to work to pay the bills. Qin didn’t drive the car because she didn’t have any money to pay for gas. She didn’t even work. One day, during a rave, one of the See-Keros attacked. Qin fled and ran into someone…

Qin Vian

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